Mar 19, 2008

[Robot Movie] The Miners' League - Prologue

This film is a kind of trailer. The main film is being released on April 3.

Title : The Miners' League - Gods in the Peninsula (Prologue)

Mar 14, 2008

The Miners' League comes true

Almost a year has passed since I started the project. Now, I've just finished one of the four movies. The first movie will be released on 3 April, 2008.

The day, April 3, is special for some Koreans. Briefly, a man who wanted to be a President divided a country into two so that he could easily seize power, and killed people who disagreed to it and their family, friends, and neighbours(25,000 civilians). He succeeded in ruling the half-cut nation for 12 years thereafter. It happened only 60 years ago in the Korean Peninsula.

The name of the 'half-cut' is the Republic of Korea, and the 'murderer' is the first President Syngman Rhee. For more information on April 3 Incident,

Sometimes I feel - or am under hallucination - that the dead in the peninsula still crying. It may be the reason I decided to make the movie, Gods in the Peninsula.

Mar 13, 2008

[hybrid robot making] 7. finished

'Hybrid' that appears in the Miners' League

The name 'hybrid' comes from its design, which combines an armored vehicle with human legs.

With the hatch cover opened, a serial cable is put in.

The robot helps the humanoid carry its mission in the League.

* The Miners' League : is the title of a real-robot movie series produced by Andy Kim. The Season 1 consists of four short movies of robot-combat, and will be released in the first half year 2008 at Andy Kim' blog[ (English) and (Korean)]. All of them are noncommercial movies that everyone can enjoy.